Re: Mc Digest, Vol 68, Issue 10

Peter Masiar wrote:
Although original design was good, but even the best design
would be worthless without the excellent and dedicated
volunteers who maintain our favorite MC, keep it alive and
add new features, bit by little bit.

My mc doesn't wear out. The slak3/199? version is fine too.
Beware of creeping featurism.
MK wrote:
Anyway, I just use ctrl-x p (not ctlr-x ctrl-p) to get the
fullpath for the current panel directory and then alt-enter
for the filename.

Wow, that's great. Actually it gives me the "other panel's path",
which is even better.
Joe (theWordy) Philbrook wrote:
Don't know why I didn't know about the "ctrl-x p" sequence. It's
much better than than my X=`pwd`/{alt+Enter} kludge... Thank

I'd word this more strongly:
* we don't want to find these trick by luck.
* where's the officail list ?
* how many more are hiding ?

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