Re: alternative key-binding to "C-Shift-Enter" for use in xterms?

It would appear that on Dec 16, MK did say:

xterm lacks configurability in this sense, but you should be able to
set console to allow anything, even if it means rearranging some key
combos taken by it or KDE (since mc keys are not configurable).

I've looked for such key combos in konsole's "settings->config shortcuts"
as well as in the kde's and/or enlightenment's "global" keybindings
and never found anything these keystrokes were used for...
Anyway, I just use ctrl-x p (not ctlr-x ctrl-p) to get the fullpath for the current panel directory and 
then alt-enter for the filename.

Now that is useful... I think I can teach my fingers to do that. Don't
know why I didn't know about the "ctrl-x p" sequence. It's much better than
than my X=`pwd`/{alt+Enter} kludge... Thank you.

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