Re: FTP support in mc - Issues with nullFTP

Ciao Marco,

thx for your quick reply.
2) Our IT has decided to install a nllFTP server and I have to survive
with that :)
1) gFTP works, ftp-command line works as well, lftp the same... So, are
those on the wide-side? And most important of all: how could you tell
nullFTP does not comply with FTP protocol? If so, I'd be more than happy
to forward this to our IT dept ;)

Grazie mille :)


Marco Ciampa wrote:
I guess there's a problem parsing the dir, because of NT-based
file-system. Is there a way to fix this behaviour?
Certainly yes but the questions are: 1) how could we fix a proprietary software as nullFTP 2) why bother?


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