Re: keyboard shortcut, or panel menu option, to toggle "show hidden files"

On Sun, Aug 09, 2009 at 12:29:40PM +0200, Caj Zell wrote:
2009/7/31 Lee Bigelow <ligelowbee gmail com>

Anyone else think it would be swell to have a keyboard shortcut to
toggle "show hidden files"?

Yes, I do. And also one for toggling through sort orders. But this issue has
been discussed before and from what I recall, there were patches submitted
that supported this, but weren't included in mc.

Once again, it would be interesting to hear the developers take on these
issues? Any updates? - closed, so it's in
master branch of current mc, but you can wait it in your distros 
when mc-4.7.0-pre2 go out. 

Sort order hotkeys it's another case, I think it can be done before
mc-4.7.0 release.

Stan. S. Krupoderov 

(let ((*PRINT-BASE* 36))
(format T "~A ~A ~A" 71373391685091 27913917 16438))

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