Customizing the MC editor [was Mc Digest ...]

On Thursday 16 April 2009, chris glur wrote:
I read about an option to display trailing whitespace on the trac ticket

What's a trac ticket list ?
mc's cooledit is nice,
especially with the user-customisable syntax hi-lighting.
But I need a customisable syntax-aware editor.
Apparently some xml editors can eg.
* provide menues of valid texts for the current
   syntactical position in the document
* feedback syntax errors immediately, or even
  be guided by knowkledge of the syntax to prompt [possibly via menues
of valid selections]
 for appropriate input.

Can anyone point me to such utilities ?
 1)If you uncheck Options->Configure->Use Internal edit <or viewer>
    MC will use whatever editor or view that your system environment
    is set to. I've used vim this way for many years.
 2)You can launch pretty much anything from MC:
    Example: you have a file called that you want to edit
    with emacs =>
    a)at the MC command line type "emacs " ## without the quotes! 
     b)select in MC
     d)Optionally " &"
  3)Here's the working line from a very simple bash script named 'gvm
     vim -g -geom -0+0 -S $1
     Using 2) I can bring up an entire programming project
  4)Using mailcap or ~.mailcap, you can further customize lauching
     and number of system services,, media players, etc.

I even lauch Open Office from MC - it is my File Manager.

I don't believe that this is exactly what you are looking for but, I hope
that is something here for you.

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