Re: Fwd: Re: MC ssh login without password


Thank you again, this makes the whole SSH keys scheme a lot clearer to 
me... :)

Kind regards,


On Friday 12 of September 2008, Frank Dietrich wrote:

Anze <anzenews volja net> wrote:
First of all, thank you all for the answers, I appreciate it! :)

Your welcome. :)

Besides, if someone breaks into my computer he can
access those servers if he knows the password or not - he just needs
to steal my private keys, right?

On the server is your public key. In this scenario your private keys
resides on your pc where you the only user (as you said). If someone
was able to steal your private key file he still needs the passphrase
to use it. And you should use a scure passphrase. ;-)

Anyway, I guess I'll either copy the files to the server or keep on
typing the passwords (or maybe write them down on the back of the
keyboard, heh, heh... ;).

:-) With private keys you could use a key-agent, which magically type

the passphrase for you, after you once have typed the passphrase. How
long the agent will remember your passphrase can be defined. It
should be not to short, not to annoying you, and not to long, not to
risk a security hole.

I'm sure you will take the right solution for you. ;-)


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