Never Ending Stoooryyy...

Here continues a man's story of how mc conspires with other parts of his Linux system to drive him greyhaired or hairless before his age would.

First, I found where the 'missing' message from svgalib went to: The spare tty it needs to put an image on a text mode console.

Second, I found yet another oddity. I had two logins as usual, on ssh and on the console. Both had mc running with one pane set to the same empty 'temporary' directory. On the ssh login I copied an image to this directory, then started zgv on the console. I then copied another image to the directory and exited zgv. The mc instance on the console showed only the first file.

I repeated this using zgv-sdl. Both images appeared in the pane the moment I exited the viewer. Okaaay... looks like zgv and svgalib together are a few cents shy of a dollar. For now I'll use only zgv-sdl and see what happens.


Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
There *is* progress in aviation! Now the flight attendant can
get the pilot pregnant!

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