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    Good morning to the mc-users !

 Midnight Commander: ÂTAB/BACKSPACEÂ shifting of arrows-highlighted block

- its for UTF-8 locale with my patch for block-shifting.
 8 Kb PKG is on this public file hosting: http://128mb.ru/151855.

 it affects only arrows-touched lines, F3 highlighting should be as it goes.
 when  ÂTABÂ, ÂB-EÂ, ÂSave or ÂSave_As are pressed highlight is still on,
 any other key press should unmark highlighted area.

 ÂB-EÂ moves them to the left
 deleting at the begining of highlighted lines all (' ' or '\t').

 by default ÂTAB/B-EÂ shifting is
 'edit/edit.c: option_arrows_highlight_lines_tab_spacing = 4' spaces
 or optional:  = 1; = 2; = 3; etc.

 Common ÂTABÂ ('\t') = option_tab_spacing = 8;.
 Would be better 
 option_arrows_highlight_lines_tab_spacing = option_tab_spacing; ?

my name is Vit <vit_r list ru> 




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