mc path too short in OSX?

Running precompiled mc 4.6.1 from the Rudix package under OSX 10.5.2. Tried to install it by compiling pkg-config, glib, gettext and mc, but as per usual, that didn't work, glib install screwed up. So I went with the precompiled version.

In general, it seems to do the right thing. However:

I found that I cannot cd to directories that are fairly shallow...


...I get a (too long) error message and the display is messed up, which I fix with a double ctrl-o; ...further, that when I mod the dir name to be shorter so I can cd to it:


...then when I use F4 to edit, the wrong file is edited.

If I move the dirs back down so the path is shorter:


...then everything works as expected.

The original problem path is about 40-odd characters long. This seems... way, way too short to reasonably cause a problem. Like, 1970's-era short.

Anyone have any ideas? I checked the FAQ, "path" isn't in it. :(



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