Re: mc <F3> to view *.gif/jpg/pgm ...?

From Theodore Kilgore, via this mail-list I've learned that edited
entries in mc.ext take effect after mc is restarted.

Now I can just quickly view gif, jpg ...png images, while sorting
through my directories, without the problem of loading any special
image viewer.

Images and some other types of files can have two types of 'viewing':
one initiated by <enter> and the second by <F3=view>.

The file-type example which I like to demonstrate is hi-lighting
 my file:   cooledit.tar.gz  and then,
<F3> shows me the directory/contents of this file, and
<enter> shows me 'magically' the whole archive [temoparily] expanded
into a directory-tree, where standard mc can view [? perhaps edit?]
the contents of each file of the archive.

It apparently achieves this from the mc.ext entry:---
# .tgz, .tpz, .tar.gz, .tar.z, .tar.Z
        Open=%cd %p#utar
        View=%view{ascii} gzip -dc %f 2>/dev/null | tar tvvf -
        Extract=gzip -dc %f 2>/dev/null | tar xf -

My one installation which uses mc ver 4.5.55, has the 'display'
application, which works well for images. But a later installation
uses 'eye of gnome' and I can't find the location/name to call it
from inside mc.ext.
Can someone help: where is the executable for 'eye of gnome' ?

mc.ext has some explanation of the syntax used, but I can't yet
understand how/if:
# C
        Open=%var{EDITOR:vi} %f
        Compile=%var{CC:cc} -O -c %f
        Link=%var{CC:cc} -O -o %d/`basename %f .c` %f
---- would 'process' C-sources.
Apparently the chosen editor would be 'vi'.
The mc-default editor is much better ?
If the editor is activated by <enter>, how are 'compile' & 'link'
activated ?

It seems a pity not to tune-the-system to be able to save all these
extra labour-saving mc facilities ?

== Chris Glur.

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