Re: can't open graphic files

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008, LUK ShunTim wrote:

Guba wrote:
Dear list,

I am unable to open graphic files (*.jpg, *.png, etc.) from within MC. I
get the error "2: identify: not found".
Naturally I had a go at /etc/mc/mc.ext, but to no avail. I also wasn't
able to solve my problem with the help of Google. Can anyone help me out?

I am running Ubuntu 7.10.

I appreciate your help,


Hello Guba,

apt-get install imagemagick :-)


And perhaps edit the mc.ext file to use ImageMagick programs? Don't misunderstand, I use ImageMagick stuff every day, and I do have it hooked up in mc (I develop camera support, so I have to look at lots of image files). But I _did_ have to edit my mc.ext file to use "display" instead of eeyes or whatever the GNOME program was called.


Theodore Kilgore

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