Re: "static planes" -- identify -- mcview; cut'n'paste...

Reynir H. Stefánsson correctly claimed:

identify, a part of the ImageMagick kit, is mistaking your text
for images. Several image formats use a magic identifier that's a short text string. Check the text to see if there's a possible ID string in there.

There was no such possible ID string i could conceive of (the file is literally a short list of plainly named mp3 files "eg. AXsomesong.mp3"; surely "AXso" or some such cannot or should not qualify). I removed ImageMagick (default installed by fedora & unused by me) and the error became "identify not found"; identify is called from mc.ext (the only entry in mine which begins "include/image") so i commented it out (i use F2 on images anyway).

I am just very surprised this has not happened more frequently to more people (even if that is just a redhat mc.ext).

A last related question, because while i was about this i decided to switch to read-only vim instead of the internal viewer so that i can cut & paste, but i would still prefer mcview because it is lighter, involves fewer keystokes to "quit" AND looks different when i am referring to it while also editing in vim in another window. I have never seen a version of mc (after a decade) that allows cut'n'paste from the viewer: is that immutable (eg, the man page implies that -x will allow mouse escape sequences altho in practice i don't see any)? If so, there you have my number one complaint about what is otherwise the greatest filebrowser ever.

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