Re: "Static planes value not equal to 1" (MK)

Sez MK:

i have some short text files (literally just lists of fully qualified file pathnames) put out by a basic perl routine that will not display in the mc viewer because

identify: Length and filesize do not match 'file.txt'.
identify: Static planes value not equal to 1 'file.txt'.

leading to "Empty output from child filter"

However, MOST of the files from this routine are fine, and in any case they ALL display without complaint in vim, gedit, cat, less, and fulfill their purpose within perl. But i like to be able to view them my usual way of course and this message is disturbing to me...i can find no informative reference to "Static planes value", etc.

What does this mean?

Most likely, identify, a part of the ImageMagick kit, is mistaking your text for images. Several image formats use a magic identifier that's a short text string. Check the text to see if there's a possible ID string in there.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
It's paranoia only if *nobody* is out to get you.

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