RE: mc as burning frontend?

Well i use mc 60% of the time I'm at my PC (the rest of the time are
other CLI tools and swiftweasel), and I found a handy tool called
burn-cd and wodim to burn ISO's, so I did this:

1. a menu entry to show on all filetypes and directories to make an ISO
from the selected directory (urxvtc -e COMMAND &)
2. another menu entry associated to the .iso extension to burn ISO's
with wodim and other with burn-cd

I'm sorry I don't have the commands here, I'm at work and this is a
windows machine :( if you want I'll post them later after work, from

Jes?s Guerrero Wrote:


I was wondering if some mc user uses mc in any creative way as a
burning frontend.

So far, I found mcburn which is a patch for mc. However I revieved it
briefly and from what I can gather looking at it on my browser it only
seems to be able to burn a given folder into a cd. Nothing else.

Not that this is important. I am just happy with command lines tools. I
just feel curious.

Regards :)
Jes?s Guerrero

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