Re: help me

Am Montag, den 18.08.2008, 19:50 +0000 schrieb Reynir Stefansson:
# make install
$ sudo make install
$ su -c "make install"

to install it on your computer. I use Linux and have no idea what will 
work for you, only that you need root privileges to install new 

The last part, although common knowledge, is wrong. You generally don't
need root privileges to install software on Unix-like systems. It
suffices to have write permission on the directory where you want to
install things. For example, you can have a dedicated user "builder"
that compiles and installs software, and you make this user the owner
of /usr/local.

For mc, however, things are a little different with Linux, since it
installs the cons.saver program, which needs to be set-uid.


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