Re: GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.2-pre1

On Thursday 13 September 2007 09:30, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

I've prepared the fist pre-release of GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.2 . Please, download it and give it a try.

I found the following issues:

Alt-O behavior changes for the worse:

4.6.1: make inactive panel show the same dir as active one

4.6.2: make inactive panel show the .. if we stand on non directory
       or directory we stand on.

I find 4.6.1 behavior more consistent and useful.

F5-copying a file on itself bring "Error: FILE and FILE are the same file"
without buttons. Pressing ESC dismisses it

But if you did this on a big directory (e.g. kernel source tree),
you will get "Error: FILE2 and FILE2 are the same file", then
"Error: FILE3 and FILE3 are the same file"
"Error: FILE91476981243 and FILE91476981243 are the same file"
without the possibility to stop the stream of messages.
mc insists on making you see them all.
On big directory, you may need to hold ESC depressed for minutes
in order to dismiss them all.

I sent a patch which fixes this by adding [skip] and [abort] buttons.
In case it was missed, I attach it again now. Applies with some offsets,

I am pleased with some new and improved features. For example, "Find file"
how has "[x] Regular expression". Good work, thanks!

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