Re: How to make applications started through MC survive quit of MC?

On Fri, 28 Sep 2007, Andreas Jantvik Gyllenlid wrote:

Hello again,

I tried to figure this out and failed.
Is it possible to make applications started in MC survive a quit of MC?

For example, I want to be able to open a movie and then quit MC without the movie exiting..

The man page yielded nothing for me. Is it just me or is the search engine for gnome's mailing list broken?

Thanks for any help.

I dunno. Never tried to do that. Could be that if you put an "&" in the bindings file after the command it might work?

As I said, I am not one of the developers here, just a user. So I would try to see that whatever is supposed to do such a thing outside of MC from the command line, will also work if you start the app from within MC using the bindings file. Be adventurous. It often works. And after all if whatever you try doesn't work, then nothing lost except pride and you can always go back and edit the bindings file again and try something else.

Theodore Kilgore

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