Re: A way to run applications by extension/remember default applications?

On Sep 27, 2007, Andreas Jantvik Gyllenlid wrote:
I was wondering if it is possible to configure MC to run certain applications with specific applications.
I do not know how MC runs things at all.

With MPG files Mplayer just fires out automagically when I just <enter> the file. When trying to run an m2v 
file, Mplayer doesn't run, MC spits out: 

bash: ./ cannot execute binary file

I can press F2 and "Do something ..." and just type mplayer, and it works.. And I can type mplayer 
C-<enter> in the command line below.

How do I make MC do this automatically for me?
For example I also want iso-files to be run with vlc per default. Is there something like Gentoo's config 

Read the man page for mc under the heading "Extension File Edit". This
is controlled by the configuration file ~/.mc/bindings. If you look at
this file, you'll probably figure it out, compare sections for .mpg and


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