Re: Locking directory panes while cd'ing

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, William Kimber wrote:

A very useful idea that I would also like

William kimber

On 18/10/07 04:35, Keith Roberts wrote:
Hi. Is it possible to have a button that would allow one to
lock directory panes while cd'ing to a new directory tree,
then toggle the button again to unlock the panes please,
once both directory panes are at the required location?

The reason is I like to have the same directory structure
open in both panes. I also have a 'tmp-backups' sub-dir for
making copies of the files in my current directory.

At the moment I have to cd to a particular location in the
left-hand pane. Then TAB to the right-hand pane, and do the
same thing again.

If it was possible to 'lock' the directory panes together,
so that wherever I cd to in the left-hand directory pane,
the right-hand pane would automatically follow in sync with
the left-hand pane. This would be alot quicker I think.

mc is my favourite directory browser, file viewer and editor.

Kind Regards

Keith Roberts


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Mc mailing list
Mc mailing list

I agree. This looks interesting.

Also here is another suggestion, for the editor:

Is the Shift-Tab command taken in the editor? If not, it would be useful to be able to indent a block of text by highlighting the block and then doing Shift-Tab, would it not? Or is there already a way to indent a highlighted block and I am unaware of it?

Theodore Kilgore

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