Re: is mc OK for editing config files ?

<quote who="Felix Miata">
On 2007/10/10 15:18 (GMT+1000) Voytek Eymont apparently typed:

AFAIK there is no MC for OS/2. On OS/2 I use FC/2 as my OFM, and its
internal editor for most OS/2 & DOS text and zip file editing. --

Felix, it is on hobbes:

from readme
----------------------------------------------------------------- update 2 --
Midnight Commander 4.5.6 Beta for OS/2 with EMX  Sun Aug  1 15:00:01 CET 1999
Original Midnight Commander 4.5.6 Beta source (99-01-08):
The Midnight Commander 4.5.6
with mouse support on xterm and the OS/2 console.
Edition: text mode.
Virtual File System: tarfs, extfs, ftpfs, mcfs.
With builtin Editor
Using S-lang library with termcap database
Midnight Commander 4.5.6 features mostly supported.
   * OS/2 console, xterm and telnet session,
   * mouse support for console and xterm,
   * new mc -K option switch to "unix" code for console (telnet from
     unix host, "Learn keys" feature etc.)
   * VFS (virtual file system) supported (with drives on remote system),
     ftpfs is patched to work with IBM ftp server for OS/2,
   * internal editor is supported (including syntax highlighting and
     Linux console features).
   * mcserv for OS/2 with private mc passwd support and new -o option
     for standard mc clients ( in this mode cannot change drives )


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