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How does one search the whole / filesystem for files containing some
string without mc getting lost in recursive searches of multiple
"copies" of /dev/core?

If you want to know how to use MC's search function in a way that
excludes symlinks, I second the request. You probably want to do
something like this:

find . -name 'foo*.c' -type f | xargs grep -E "TODO:.*refactor"

The "-type f" makes sure we do not see symlinked files multiple times.

Symlinks aren't my main problem here. MC's find funtion often lists the exact
same unsymlinked file several or even dozens of times, and performs the
search all over again on each of the "duplicates" it finds of the same file.
Every time the search is allowed to look into /proc and/or /dev, it always
fines the string as a part of its own process in the kernel core. That
wouldn't bother me except for the recursion from adding each find back into
the core for it to hunt again as a "different" file.
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