Re[2]: Mc Digest, Vol 43, Issue 9

Hello chris,

Friday, November 23, 2007, 6:54:44 AM, you wrote:

previous posters wrote:
|>>> Do you refer to the notorious "The shell is already running a
command" issue ?

|>> Yes, this one exactly.

|Ok. Yes - it is really hard to fix. You've been around for many years
|now so I'd expect you to know more about this issue. Anyway...
.... snip ..
| It really is not
|that simple to fix it. And it really isn't and error.
It's not an error, but it's very annoying.
I.e. it doesn't have a technical solution, but it does
have a 'socio-managment' solution: just make it known up-front
and suggest a work around.

The problem which is as annoying as "getting a mesg to first
complete some other task, when you want to apply breaks on
your vehicle", and should not be trivialised.

Only after much frustration did I find a work-around:
* Ctrl O to get 'behind the current ?shell?',
* Ctrl C to stop/attend to the 'problematic proccess',
* ls : just to select some task to confirm that some thing
    can be done,
* Ctrl O to get back to select what was intended to be done.

It happens to me often after I've gone on-line [dialup] and
a system generated mesg has come to my mail: I can't execute
my intended inet-fetch-script until I acknowledge the damned
mail-mesg by the steps above.

Many linux users hate mc. Perhaps this quirk is the reason ?

Do you have any evidence which points towards that ?

If a work-around is made known up-front, this avoids
frustration ?

A workaround such as what ? A possible workaround depends
very much on why the messages is displayed. You could
have started an interactive program in the shell and
forgotton about it, next you type a command in the
prompt widget and the error box is displayed ... what should
you do about that ? There are different scenarios which
my trigger the error message.

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