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laukur gmail com wrote:


I'm located in Iceland, so there are allot of special characters like "? ? ?
? ?" in my filenames.  While MC usualy doesn't have problems with these,
then problems arise if the the file names are on a mounted smb volume, which
was mounted in MC.

Then MC displays these characters all as "?".    This error does only occur
if I mount the SMB share through the internal MC smb client.  If I instead
mount the share myself using the mount command, then I don't get this error.

A solution to this would be to just mount my shares in the terminal, and
then access them trough MC, but for some reason I'we a hard time trying to
mount my MAC OS X shares through the terminal (these are smb, but not afp
shares). Maybe because they changed smb to cifs?  But I can access my smb
shares easily through programs like MC and Krusader.

So anyone know how to fix this problem in MC, or if it's even possible?

If there's one thing I've learned from using MC, it's that problems with it can stem from the oddest corners of our systems.

My first suggestion would be, if your MC has SMB support compiled in, to go over 'smb.conf' with a 20x loupe and a louse comb. If I recall correctly, MC reads that to set up its client.

Try these charset values for a starter if they aren't already in there:
   character set = ISO8859-1
   client code page = 850

Or maybe 'client code page = 861' or even '819' will suit you better. Legacy code page... GAGH!

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