how to repair nonfunctioning entries in extension bindings file?

I have just done some major upgrades. Now some, though definitely not all, of my extension bindings seem to be broken. I also upgraded Midnight Commander after that, because of this problem. However the problem did not go away.

I know that the failure is specific because the bindings for .tex files and .dvi files still work.

What is in particular broken is all of the bindings that I can test here, for image files. Specifically, the association of ppm and jpeg files to the command "display" (from the ImageMagick package) will no longer function. This in spite of the fact that a command such as

"display aox_pic001.ppm" or "display SmallPhotoWindoze.jpeg"

does continue to work just fine from the command line.

It could be that the problem is coming from "display" of course. If so, then it is obviously not the fault of MC. Nevertheless, it is then a question of how to figure out which program is causing the difficulties -- which in my case do seriously cause a pain in the neck because I am a camera software developer and thus need to open lots of image files. Thus, if it is suspected that the "display" application is causing this and not MC, I would nevertheless appreciate any help in figuring out whether that is the case or not.

Theodore Kilgore

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