Strange bar on framebuffered console

If you're using a frame-buffered console and there's some unused space
left at the bottom of the screen, you may have noticed this left-over
space occasionally switching to cyan when you flip ttys. As far as I can
tell, the trigger depends on the last action performed in mc before changing ttys.

So far I have found three triggers, all with the occasional dud:

 1. Using/leaving the internal editor.
 2. Using/leaving the internal viewer.
3. Tabbing into the panel (seemingly only with two half-panels) whose search bar is lower on the screen.

I ran the tests using mc 2007-03-09-18.

As far as I can see, this bug (if it is a bug) is solely cosmetic, so it should be OK to assign it a priority of wash-your-cat-first.

Workaround: Move the search bar up/down or jump into the subshell (if you have it) for a moment before flipping ttys.

Dud: A bomb that didn't dump core.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
These words: "Four-oh-four --
Page not found". Your hopes, dash'd, fall
like cherry blossoms.

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