Re: Meta-o does what again?

IIRC, Meta-o is supposed to duplicate the directory position of one
panel into the other. I noted recently that it's begun to end up off by one. If the pointer bar sits on a subdir, the other panel will open into it, else into the parent directory. Seen in 4.6.1 patched with either 2007-01-04-16 or 2007-03-09-18, not in plain 4.6.1.

Is that new? I thought it always worked like that. My help screen says:

   Alt-o   If the currently selected file is a directory,
           load that directory on the other panel and moves
           the selection to the next file.


New to me, anyway. Maybe it was supposed to do this all the time, but I'm so used to the other way that this really takes me on a ride. Wonder if it's available on another key combo with me just being too bloody baka stupid to find it. Stranger things have happened.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
       But fate is a fickle beast, and so in a rather bewildering chain
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way to clone Jurai Trees so Tenchi would not grow old on Earth and 4)
five truly silly and inane dweebs in full-body Sentai uniforms trying to
summon Zords--whatever the heck they they are--in the middle of the
spacial-warp accessing Washuu's lab... things kinda went kaka.

               (Addventure "No Need For A Dungeon Keeper!" #130449
                by CrystalBlaze)

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