Re: YAB highlighting-related buglet in mcedit

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 10:20, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 17:40, Reynir Stefansson wrote:

When doing an F7 search, a highlit bracket stays lit after the search moves the cursor off the opposing bracket.

First observed in 4.6.1 with highlighting patch from 2006-12-04 (digest v32n2).
Exists also in baselevel 4.6.1.

I'll investigate. Thanks for the report!

This bug has been here for at list 8+ years :)
Please, test the attached patch.

Yup. Highlighting now follows the cursor on search. That's another million roses to ya. :)

As an aside: Do ya folk think the mailing list package can be hacked to
mung tear lines for once-a-day digests? Thunderbird is prone to tear the
digest in half if they're left intact. And, as per known principles, the
lost part *will* be the one you wanted.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs isl is)
The only thing better than a good cup of tea is three good cups of tea.

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