Re: Lockup attemptimh file copy using shell link

Most likely this is due to some permissons situation, Fish is not aware of, 
e.g.: file has its 'r' permission unset, but you're root etc. Try chmod this 
file to 666. Use 'clear VFS' feature.

On Saturday 03 February 2007 05:25, William Kimber wrote:
Running Kubuntu 6.10 with Konsole,  shelled machine running Zandros 2.5

Can anyone explain the cause of MC locking up when copying files using
shell link.

Was backing up and this file  ""  just stopped MC
totally.  Previous files in same copy operation had no problem.
Happened every time (3) with same file. "0% copied."

Had to kill to clear.

You can kill fish subprocess only, that is child of mc, no need to kill mc.

That not totally successful as was then left in some sort of shell that
seem to do nothing.  Usual commands (quit, exit, help, cnt C ) didn't
getout. Had to close Konsole session.

William K

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