mc hangs during FTP sessions


This is not really a question since I managed to solve the issue (while 
writing the post of course ;) - I just hope it might help someone else too. 

I was having huge problems with mc for the last half of year or so. When I 
would be uploading or downloading something from FTP or just merely browsing 
through directories the whole mc would freeze and all I could do was to kill 
it. It has been happening all the time (after a few minutes of work usually) 
with all FTP connections. 
I have searched the internet for a possible cause but couldn't find it... And 
I just thought that sooner or later a release would come that would solve my 

Well, now it froze one too many times and I started writing a mail to this 
mailing list when it occured to me - why not try the popular M$ Windows 
trick? So I reinstalled mc (# dpkg --remove mc; apt-get install mc) and it 
didn't work. Then I moved my ~/.mc/ to another directory and completely 
reinstalled mc (# dpkg --purge mc; apt-get install mc) - AND IT 
WORKS!!!! :) :)

I am just mad at myself for not using such a simple trick half a year ago... I 
almost lost my nerves with filezilla (not a bad ftp program, just sooooo 
inconvenient to use compared to midnight commander). 

Anyway, that's it... if someone is interested in my ~/.mc/* (except for 
hotlist of course ;) for bug hunting please send me a mail since I won't be 
on this list anymore... 

Just thought I'd share. Hope it helps someone. 



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