Re: Meta-o does what again?

>> Is that new? I thought it always worked like that. My help screen says:
   Alt-o   If the currently selected file is a directory,
           load that directory on the other panel and moves
           the selection to the next file.

Yes, this has always been the intended behavior.

At some point someone thought this was a bug and changed it to the
behavior that Anton noticed.

The idea behind Alt-o is that you can quickly browse a directory (and
the contents of its children) without loosing your state (selected

This is useful when cleaning a directory for example.   You have tons of
junk, but you are not quite sure what is in each place, so you Alt-o on
each one.

I have been meditating on this for a while, and I think I know what bugs me about the change. It's that the 'new' behaviour is to *always* browse a different directory, even when I don't want it to.

How about amending the works so that it does this browse thang only when the selector bar rests on a directory? Surely I'm not the only one wanting to work with two files in the same directory and finding tabbing quicker than paging and scrolling back and forth?

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