Re: is there a way to change the default background colour?

Thanks! It works. I spent a tiny amount of time reading the docs and digging around
There *is* a mention of the colour configuration within the docs, but nothing on how to specify the 
background. Thanks for that script, Sir!!

(sidenote: Mcedit's OK although a bit basic. I'm a vimmer as I like the way I can edit files in multiple 
buffers and windows. If MC could do that then I'd probably use it.)

 On Tue, 3 Jan 2006 00:34:22 -0800
me <mutschae gmail com> wrote:


i also got bored about the look that reminds so much about the old nc in dos.

i created a script /bin/m that does

mc --colors 

of course to be consistent you also need a mcedit wrapper:
mcedit --colors

i found no other way to archieve that - and warn you: some things are
not readable with this settings.

the background color ist the 2nd parameter (often default) so i got
black/transparent looks.



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