Re: ctr-enter not working on some hosts

X is forwarded. i also tried konsole and gnome-terminal. mouse clicks work,
but CTR-ENTER does not.


On 12/21/06, Wiseman <wiseman1024 gmail com> wrote:
It seems Ctrl+Enter is read from the X server or the console directly,
thus not supported in bare terminals. Alt+Enter will work in most,
though, and you can try ssh -X to enable X forwarding, which, at least
for me, makes Ctrl+Enter work.

I'd suggest fully configurable key shortcuts (supporting both real
keys and terminal keys for all cases) for future versions of MC to
avoid this confusion and allow it to be customized.

On 12/20/06, I. B. <ig3v10 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> have interesting observation
> i ssh into several machines with the same nfs mounted home directory.
> on one host i am not getting filename put to the command prompt when
> "CTR-Enter" pressed.
> does anyone knows what is that about?
> thanx a lot
> ~igRek
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