Re: Translators wanted

Hello Roland,

On Wed, 07 Sep 2005 22:44:14 +0200 Roland Illig <roland illig gmx de> wrote:

some years ago, the Midnight Commander had been translated quite well
into a whole bunch of languages other than English. Somehow, the
translation process has stalled sadly. If you want to help us getting
translations of the Midnight Commander, please write to the
mc-devel gnome org mailing list. If you already know how to translate
.po files, you can also download the current versions from
       fr         880     57            52
The strings in the "untranslated" column need to be translated from
scratch. The strings in the "fuzzy" column had some similar strings,
which can sometimes be translated using copy-and-paste.

What about the french translation? I can provide efforts to complete it, but
of course, don't want to do concurrential work if the "official" assignee is
already doing the work. Is there one (or more)? Is (s)he reactive?



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