Re: my mc doesn't start any more...

On Monday 21 February 2005 10:10, Maurizio Molina wrote:
since a couple of days I cannot start any more mc on a free bsd
workstation. It did before..
I'm susing bash.
The message I get is:

maurizio:~$ mc
subshell.c: read (subshell_pty...): Unknown error: 0

This is only a guess, but maybe you are out of PTY's. This can happen 
over time when some process opens but doesn't close a PTY, or in other 
situations where you simply have more PTY's open than your OS supports.

You'll probably do better taking this to a FreeBSD forum. If you want  
to take the easy way out and get it working without fixing the problem, 
reboot. :)
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