Re: vi-like keys

Hallo Miguel,

* Miguel schrieb am 30 Jan 2005:


as I read it, mc does not handle vi-like keybindings yet. I
just set up opera/mozilla/mutt/slrn/bash/gnuplot to use
vi-like keybindings and love it :-)

Does anybody know, when mc will be able to do that? Or is it
maybe easier to take a look at the source by myself and
adjust some keys? If so, where should I start?

Doing so would be relatively hard, as MC would have to become modal
aware: when you type `j' did you mean to type `j', or move the

For some other keys, it could be done, but it would require a
significant amount of work and debugging, and would still left much to
be desired.

Thanks! Maybe I should use the bindings which are available
... very good work anyways :-)

Fabian Braennstroem

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