Re: search an expression with an opening left bracket : "("

sting sting wrote:

I am trying to perform a search in mc like thus:
I am looking for all files which have an occurrence of the follwoing text: my_method(

(with the left bracket)

In the content I put the follwing:

I get a red popup saying:
Malformed regular expression.

Is there a way to perform such a search in MC ?

Yes, there is. Just escape the ( with a \, that is search for "my_method\(". You are expected to enter a "regular expression" here.
Google for it and you will find it to be very powerful.

For example you can search for my_method[ ]*\( to search for the string my_method, followed by any number of spaces (in the brackets are the allowed characters, the * after the closing bracket means "0 or more") followed by an opening parenthesis.

I'll have a look to improve this behaviour. Either I write it somewhere in the dialog that a regular expression is expected or I let the user select whether {s,}he wants to
  [ ] do a regular expression search.


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