Pavel Tsekov wrote:

Making requests is nice but they would make more sense if they were more
specific i.e. requesting addition of certain features available in XYZ ,
which are not availanle in MC instead of just "make mc behave like XYZ". 
Ditto for requests for improving MC. For obvious reasons MC developers
cannot try out every file manager availalble in the wild and try to mimic
its behaviour. Also I'd suggest to search the available resources for
similiar request in the past since they may sched some light on why certain
decision were made.

I'm sorry. But it seems to me you have missed something.
In the last mail i have explain that modular structure of
mc would be preferable. So that means everybody who needs
some features would be able to add it without rewriting of mc.
Exactly in this way i have compared mc with XYZ aka FAR.
MC itself should be much smaller and provide most only
plugin interface for other modules in the way that it will
be possible to change the behavior by default for evereyone.
Now mc is thing in itself and most of people would
write a new file manager than try to grow mc community.


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