Vano Beridze wrote:

I'm very frustrated that under *nix platform file manager
is so poor to compare with this program under windows.

As for me the ideal file manager is Total Commander (
One thing many years ago that held me from converting to linux
was the lack of good file manager. Of course mc is far from ideal (in my
case Total Commander)

I'm not sure that is possible to compare Total Commander as
window application and Midnight Commander as console application.

I need a powerful console file manager, which is not depends
from X server and some window toolkits. It's complete
unnecessary to manage files. That is why i will not
install some graphic (windowed) file managers.
If we take a look on the organization of the FAR then we
can see a complete plugin architecture. That' mean you have
a freedom to develop the modul what you need.

The freedom is not how looks it's like, the freedom
is what it's provides. And if I can right understand
GNU concept, we need at least a freedom to add some features
we ask about, without rewriting or recreating mc.
And i'm quite sure that instead to have a thousand
mc like programms will be much better to have possibility
to add some features in it and change the behavior of
the built-in features.
That is the way which can satisfy most of us.
Also it is the easyest way to achieve the best result.

Of course, all things i have said now are IMHO.

but it does its job. I guess I will have to find another file manager
soon because core developers do not have time improving it. :(

I hope that we all understand now that is impossible to create the
best program, which meets all the requirements. But it's quite
easy to be close to it. That give us the open architecture.

sincerely yours,


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