[PATCH] make old escmode key timeout configurable


My memories are vague but I think that mc was the very first
Linux app I built from source, so this is a bit nostalgic now :)

I used old_escmode. I did not like 1 second delay and hacked ESCMODE_TIMEOUT
to 10000 usecs. I knew zilch about patches and the process of submitting,
so that change was sitting there in my mc-4.5.51 for years.

Now time has come to compile new mc (for uclibc), and here is the patch
against 4.6.0.


$ mc                                - as usual
$ KEYBOARD_KEY_TIMEOUT_US=25000 mc  - ESC acts way faster than before,
                                      annoying 1-second pause is gone
                                      (pause is there but 25 msec only)

Tested. Please apply.

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