Re: midnight commander UTF-8 patches and more

On 2004-06-18 (Friday) 03:35, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
Hi all,

I wrote:

Vladimir Nadvornik has made available a few patches to complete / fix
the utf-8 patches for the midnight commander at .

On my request Vladimir was so kind to fix some conflicts I saw with the
jumbo patch and the edit-replace patch. The edit-replace patch is now
totally integrated in Vladimir's utf8-input patch. He added a small fix
and couple of checks as well (*p1++ = 'l' if (*p == 's') and a couple of
*p < 128 tests before calling strchr).

He also integrated code from 6 hunks from the jumbo patch into his
utf8-input patch. This means these 6 hunks (all 5 hunks regarding
edit/editcmd.c and hunk "@@ -1290,10 +1291,11 @@ delete_region" for
src/widget.c) can be dropped from the current jumbo patch when applying
these patches.

The current state of the patches seems to fix all the issues I was
seeing when using charsets other than UTF-8 (a.o. wrong key binding (&),
missing key highlights). You can find a test src rpm for FC 1 from .


    Yes, it works great now (I use this version). With LANG=bg_BG.UTF-8
I have no key binding highlights in Bulgarian, but this can be translation
    A real problem is if you enter a directory with <CR><LF> in the name
with mc - it freezes there. Ex:
        D=$(echo -e 'test\015\012test')
        mkdir "$D"
        cd "$D"
    At this point trying to get out of this dir or switch panels with
<TAB> does nothing.
    Can someone check if this also happends with 'normal' mc?

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