Re: no subshell in mc with screen

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, David E wrote:

I'm using screen 4.00.01, and when I try to 'ctrl-o' in mc, I get this
message: "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled",
the $TERM variable says "screen", I changed it to xterm and tried again,
this time it changes but there's no subshell, just a blank screen.
Any idea how to fix this?

I've just added two items to FAQ.  I hope they answer your questions.

6.6 When I use Ctrl-O I don't get a subshell.  How do I fix this?

   Only bash, tcsh and zsh can be used as subshell.  Use one of those
   shells as your default shell, and it will be used as subshell in GNU
   Midnight Commander.

6.7 Ctrl-O doesn't work at all.  What happens?

   Ctrl-O works if either the subshell is used or the terminal can save
   the output of the commands so it can be restored.  If neither is
   true, there is absolutely nothing interesting behind the panels!

   Only few terminals support screen saving.  It's xterm, rxvt and other
   xterm-like terminals and virtual terminals on Linux and FreeBSD.

If you have further questions, please see for suggestions.

Pavel Roskin

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