Re: include scp?

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Alexander Klosch wrote:

hi list,

mc is a favorite file browser and ftp client, also in times of X-gui
driven software. I have a feature request: is it planned to include an
scp/sftp client I into mc? this would be a very helpful tool, coz there
are no good guis for scp on linux at all.. :)

sftp support is often requested, but I'm not aware of any efforts or
plans to implement it.

As for scp, it doesn't transfer directory listings, so it's probably not
useful for implementing VFS on top of it.  Mixing ssh and scp would only
make matters more complicated (e.g. separate authentication).  If the ssh
utility is to be used anyway, then fish should be adequate for most tasks.

Pavel Roskin

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