Re: GMC Trash.gmc link

Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
I think I've "broken" my Trash shortcut on my Debian 3.0r2 GMC desktop. When I right-click on it, it just comes up with a regular symlink context menu, instead of one with an 'Empty Trash..." button.

Here's a look at my .gnome-desktop:

~/.gnome-desktop $ ll
total 8
lrwxrwxrwx 1 joeljkp joeljkp 13 Dec 23 12:51 Home directory -> /home/joeljkp
drwx------    2 joeljkp  joeljkp      8192 Feb  1 19:58 Trash.gmc
lrwxrwxrwx    1 joeljkp  joeljkp         6 Dec 23 22:40 scd0 -> /cdrom
~/.gnome-desktop $

How do I make my Trash icon "special" again?

Thanks in advance.

Never mind... the "Empty Trash" button just doesn't show when there's nothing in it. Pardon my temporary confusion.

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