Re: ENTER key behavior

Hello Frank,

Almost, but not really. I expect MC to launch the program which is
registered for that file in the KDE (or GNOME) mime database. Why should I
have to duplicate that information manually in MC...?

In Windows, the feature works like this: it uses the "start" command (of
cmd.exe) which "opens" the file (or folder) as if I'd double-clicked it in
the Explorer. Perhaps there's a KDE (GNOME) equivalent of "start" which MC
could invoke. (HELLO MC DEVELOPERS :))

OFF: Also a good thing in Windows is that "start ." (or "start
any-directory") opens the folder in Explorer. I also miss that on KDE, where
I have to type "konqueror ." (or is there a "start" equivalent)?


From: Frank Dietrich <ABLEsoft gmx de> 
Subject: Re: ENTER key behavior 
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 10:11:41 +0100 

Hi Andras,

"Andras Varga" <andras whale hit bme hu> wrote:
In FAR Manager on windoze, when I press Enter on a file (which is
not an archive etc), the file opens in the appropriate program (e.g.
PDFs open in Acrobat Reader). How can I do that with MC, for example
making use of the KDE mime type database?

May be you are looking for

F9 - Command - Edit extension file


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