Extension file problems

Hello All!

I have a big problem with mc-4.6.0-r7 since I have installed Gentoo 4 days ago. I cann't open or execute any files in mc. The extension file is correct and all needed applications are installed, but when I try to start or open any file by pressing enter or clicking on it nothing happens. There aren't any error messages etc...

I have 2 Linux system on my PC - Debian SID and Gentoo and I've tried to start the Debian binaries of mc under Gentoo. And it didn't work too!!!! I mean I could start the Debian binaries under Gentoo, but I couldn't open or execute any files from mc :-(, although it works under Debian!

I have posted this question in a lot of boards, but nobody could help me. I've compiled mc with various options, but vainly...

I'm so sad, please help me :-(

Best regards,

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