Re: using vim in stead of vi

On Thu, 26 Sep 2003, A.J. Bonnema wrote:

When I edit using an external editor, mc usually calls vi.  However,
outside of mc or from C^o I get to use vim which has syntax coloring.
Now using the menu option COMMAND/EDIT Extension file I was able to
change the line for java from

      Open %var{EDITOR:vi} %f to
      Open %var{EDITOR:vim} %f

but I got the same old vi (no syntax coloring).

How can I accomplish this?

See comment in the beginning of that file:

#    Open (if the user presses Enter or doubleclicks it),
#    View (F3), Edit (F4)

You don't even need to enable external editor - it only affects files for
which the editor is defined.  So, if you put something like this:

        Open=emacs %f
        View=less %f
        Edit=vim %f

F4 will run vim, F3 will run less and Enter will run emacs.

Pavel Roskin

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