Re: Installation MidnightCommander

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 Edwinkberg cs com wrote:

I meet a problem trying to install MidnightCommander 4.6.0 on SuSE LINUX
Personal 8.2. I can not work out the messages I get in the console. No
acceptable C compiler found: but I installed all the C and C++ topics
from the installation disks.  See attachment. Sorry to bother you again,
but it is the first time for me working in the console.

GNU Midnight Commander used Autoconf to create the configure script.
I'm sure the configure script tries very hard to find the compiler.  You
can check config.log for details why gcc wasn't accepted.

This is a generic problem, not specific for GNU Midnight Commander.
Please don't post such questions here again.  Ask other SuSE users how to
set up your system properly for compiling.

Pavel Roskin

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