Re: changelog colored view ?

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, raptor wrote:

does mcview support colored changelog view ?

No.  mcview only highlights files that use backspaces, such as nroff
output.  You can write a filter to convert ChangeLog to this format.  For
example put this to the ~/.mc/bindings:

        View=%view{nroff} sed -s $'/^[^ \t]/s/\([^ \t]\)/\\1\b\\1/g;s/^\t\*/\t_\b\*/' %f

It's a very primitive example and it's bash specific.

if yes how can I enforce it ? is there a command line option..

No.  GNU Midnight Commander is an interactive program and should be
configured interactively.  Command line options are only acceptable to
allow mc to start in exceptional cases, for troubleshooting and for
communicating with the calling program, e.g. command shell.

Pavel Roskin

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