Re: FreeBSD

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Miroslav Madzarevic wrote:

Is there any way for CTRL-O combination to work in FreeBSD as in Linux ?

Currently in BSD console, I get an error when pressing the comb. and in
xterm, konsole I get a blank screen and no shell (can't type anything).

I would like to press comb., get a shell, type whatever, return when I feel
like it etc. I guess this is because of BSD terminal settings are different.

Screen saving on FreeBSD console has been implemented in the current
snapshot, after version 4.6.0.  For concurrent subshell you need a
supported shell, such as bash, tcsh or zsh.

If neither screen saving nor concurrent subshell are working, there is
just nothing interesting to show behind the panels, hence the error

Pavel Roskin

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