Re: Mc digest, Vol 1 #372 - 3 msgs

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Mathieu Roy wrote:

Yes, it's a good starting point.  If $BROWSER is set, it should be assumed
to be correct.

Unfortunately, KDE do not set it naturally and we cannot expect users
to add an "export BROWSER=konqueror" in their .xsession (or

I agreed with you, now you are disagreeing with me :-)

I don't understand your point.  It's precisely because BROWSER is not set
automatically, we can assume that if it's set, it has been set explicitly
by the user.

Maybe asking to KDE devs to set the BROWSER value at kdeinit would be
a good idea.

Ask it if you want.  I don't think they will like this idea.  Make sure to
do some research, in particular look at this page:

This condition can be met if any KDE program is running, even under GNOME.
We need to search for "kdeinit: kwin" or "kicker" or something like that.

Maybe kwin can be used with an another environment. But kicker (or
kdesktop) should run, IMHO, only with a kde session.

Yes, "kdesktop" would we the best.

Pavel Roskin

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